Linux, Unicode, and Armenian Language support

Have you installed Linux and not sure how to type in Armenian? Are you not happy with the available Unicode fonts or keyboard layouts for the Armenian language? Then read on...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

New Armenian Keyboard Layouts posted to
I'm happy to report that the new keyboard layouts for Armenian have been incorporated into (Thank you Sergey Udaltsov who committed the changes to the XKeyboard Configuration component.) What does this mean? With XKeyboard Config being the de facto central repository for Linux keyboard layouts, you should expect to see the new Armenian keyboard layouts in a future release of your Linux distro soon!

You can view the new configuration file for the Armenian keyboard layouts by clicking here (Select the "am" file)

And here is the original bug I filed within to get these changes in:



At 11:16 AM, Blogger Ara Yeritsian said...

Hi Serouj,

First of, thanks for your efforts to bring Armenian language layout to Linux.

I am thinking to add Armenian typewriter keyboard layout to Linux.
Can you guide me through the process, what steps should I take?

thanks, Ara


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